Sustainable Firewood - Environment & Carbon Emmission Friendly

Ironbark Firewood – Aged, seasoned and split ready to use.

We sell seasoned, split ironbark from Queensland. All timber used for firewood is sourced from a sustainable supply. Available by the cubic metre, single bag or pallet.

  • Gold Coast Firewood Delivery
    Firewood delivered by the cubic metre or purchase bags of firewood and kindling from your local Bunnings store. We can also deliver packaged firewood.
  • Online Orders
    Delivery to most towns and suburbs in South East Queensland.
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BBQ Charcoal

We supply a range of different cooking charcoals. Gidgee wood charcoal is now available. Order your Gidgee Charcoal now. Gidgee charcoal is produced from a sustainable supply of Acacia. Aged deadwood lying on the ground is collected by hand and made into charcoal.

Premium Queensland Ironbark

Timber used for our firewood is Australia’s predominate hardwood species. Ironbark is more dense than most other eucalypt species and definitely better that all other species offered as firewood including redgum. Timber used for our firewood has been dead for a minimum of 10 years and in most cases more than 20 years before harvesting.

Western Queensland Ironbark is one of Australia’s best hardwood timber used as firewood for heating or BBQ Cooking. “Ironbark” is used to describe several denser eucalypt species. Eucalypts grown in the hot, dry west of Queensland are prized for their hardness and density.


Produced from 100% recycled waste products. Hardwood and softwood waste is collected from factories and mills. We recycle every bit of what we collect. Waste is sorted into two grades.

  • Premium Range Kiln Dried Kindling 8kg
    Our Premium Range kindling is kiln dried, milled timber waste. The machine cut lengths are manually processed and packed into boxes.
  • PR Kindling 10kg
    Out top selling kindling contains assorted sizes of hardwood and softwood pieces.

BBQ Charcoals

PR Firewood supply the exclusive, high quality Gidgee wood charcoal from Charleville. Charcoal is made from Gidgee wood (Acacia) trees, dead up to 10 years. The dead gidgee trees are harvested by hand, usually for land clearing, agriculture or fire hazard minimisation. Gidgee is native to arid areas of Queensland, NT and New South Wales.

Mallee root charcoal from Victoria is now available.


All timber used for firewood is from a sustainable source!

Burning firewood for heating is greenhouse gas positive. Left over root bases and decomposition of foliage more than compensate for the use of timber for firewood as all the carbon produced burning firewood has already been captured during the growing process.

“By using firewood to heat their homes, every Australian can reduce this country’s reliance on coal-fired power generation.”

Read why burning sustainable firewood has a positive effect on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


Packaged Firewood, Charcoal and Kindling

We sell packaged firewood and kindling in bags for retail outlets and restaurants with wood fired ovens or combustion heating. PR Firewood’s packaged firewood and kindling is available in most Queensland and Northern New south Wales cities and towns. Contact Us to get our product.

Packaged Firewood, Charcoal and Kindling is available for delivery to most regions in Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra and Victoria. Delivery to Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane-Gold Coast corridor, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads is almost always “next day delivery”. We have a minimum order requirement subject to our terms. Contact Us for more information. Please contact the depot to arrange delivery or pick up of small loads of loose, split, seasoned firewood.